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Safety Tips

Electrical Safety Tips:

It is very important to always make sure all appliances and electrical equipment is maintained properly. We will provide some helpful tips to help you maintain these things..

When dealing with extension cords, be sure to always make sure they are ran against a wall. Keeping them under rugs or in places with a lot of traffic can cause fires.


Below is a list of some more tips:

-If you have a baby/child it is advised that you have special outlets installed or use outlet caps so that your baby/child is safe from the electricity.

– Do not place anything on top of televisions Cable Boxes and so on. These electronics need air flow so that they do not over heat and cause a fire.

– When plugging appliances be sure to always check to see the amount of power the appliances would use.

– Most Kitchen have GFCI (Ground fault circuit interrupter) which will trip when any problems occur. They are usually located around areas where water can reach them. This would happen when plugging in appliances that consume too much power or if they had a malfunction. To use the GFCI again simply press the reset button.

– If you have no power in a certain part of your house, always check the electrical control panel. The breakers are usually labeled so simply put the breaker in the off position then put it back in the on position. (Note: If the breaker continues to trip please contact us so that we may troubleshoot this)

Do not attempt to make electrical repairs on your own. The slightest mistakes can cause fires, so always be sure to use a licensed electrician.

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